Welcome to a Sunny Farm
a non-profit organization

we offer therapy and stimulation for people with disabilities. 


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About us

What we do:


At Sunny Farm we offer therapy and stimulation for people with disabilities. In addition we have a variety of activities such as: sensorial equestrian stimulation, riding lessons, summer camp, picnics, zoo, among many more.

​We are concerned about well-being, growth and learning in children and adults with disabilities, so we have a lot of recreation activities to offer them independence, better quality of life for themselves and their families.

What are the benefits and who can benefit.

Hippotherapy is indicated for people who suffer from some sort of physical, sensory or mental disability, behavioral or social integration problems. Among many others, we highlight the following:


• Down Syndrome

• West Syndrome

• Low intellectual level 

Neurological Affectations

• Spina bifida

• Ataxia

•Spinal Cord Injury

•Traumatic Brain Injury / Cerebral Palsy •

• Cerebrovascular accident

• Multiple Sclerosis

Sensory Disability

• Blindness

• Deafness

Diseases of the locomotor system

• Amputation ( upper/lower member )

• Scoliosis ( consult )

• Myopathies ( consult )

Behavioral disorders 

• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder  (ADHD)

• Concentration problems.

• Memory Problems.

Other diseases or disorders

• Autism

• Anorexia

• Bulimia.

Physical Benefits

• Improves balance and strengthens the muscles.

• Improved motor coordination.

• Facilitates muscle relaxation.

• Increases flexibility and agility.

• Improved motor coordination.



In SUNNY FARM, taking as basic pillars our values of solidarity, effort and ethical commitment in all our actions, we believe that we will achieve our main objective of improving the lives of children with disabilities, if:

• We give care coverage to children and young people with disabilities, taking into account the circumstances of each of them, treating them as individual and unique beings and adapting the therapy to each child in a completely personalized and holistic manner. We believe that motivation is the main rehabilitating cause. That's why we base the therapy in getting the children to perform motivated.

• We subsidize the therapy to those families that can’t afford it.

• We consistently and strongly promote awareness in the population.

• We empower our professionalism by being a well-managed, effective and transparent entity.

• We work hard to reach as many people with difficulties as possible in the region and be the best example attention adapted centers.

What tools are used


To carry out a hippotherapy sesión, a horse, at least one physiotherapist doctor with a master's degree in hippotherapy and a horse riding expert  that leads the horse "at hand" are needed.

Our horses meet the physical requirements and training necessary for hippotherapy.

Our horses are healthy, well-trained, docile, obedient and have experience and  good movement ability.

They are horses with the appropriate age and appropriate measurements, personally selected and prepared by our hippotherapy team.

All of our horses have been prepared and are trained using Natural Horsemanship. We never use aggressive techniques or abuse our animals in any way.


The center is located in Upper Valley, El Paso TX, and complies with all legal aspects, permits and licenses.

Has the permissions and license for the activity that it develops and is not affected or limited by any impediment. We have all the insurance necessary including coverage for accidents and civil liability.